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Swift and Professional Denture Repairs

A broken or damaged denture can disrupt your daily routine and be more than just an inconvenience. At our practice, we understand the urgency of denture repairs and are committed to getting you back on track promptly. Our goal is to provide fast and professional denture repair services, striving for same-day service whenever possible.

Our denture repair service can help you in many ways. In almost all cases, we can modify or repair your dentures.

What's more, we can repair your dentures without you even having to leave your home!

  • Adding teeth to existing dentures
  • Placement of reinforcements (frequent breakage)
  • Replacement of broken teeth
  • Restoration and cleaning of old dentures
  • Adjustment of oversized dentures (relining, relining)
  • Regular adjustment of dentures (pain, recurrent sores)
For more information on the types of repairs we offer and our rates, please contact our customer service department.

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If you're dealing with damaged or broken dentures, don't let it disrupt your routine any longer than necessary. Contact us today to schedule your denture repair appointment, and let us restore your smile's comfort and functionality swiftly and professionally. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities.

If you are looking for a dentures in Montreal or Valleyfield for Dentures Repair please call us at (514) 816-6543 or book an appointment online.

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